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Long ago something was bound deep in the earth, a hundred years ago it escaped.

No one knows when whatever it was that escaped was bound, but the binding surely predates the founding of the Carnith Empire. Founded in that empire’s height, the village of Crossroads stands as a faint beacon of light in the darkness of uncertainty. And in this current period any knowledge of what it was that was buried in the earth has long been forgotten.

What is known is the horror of its escape. A precious few villagers saw it burst free of the earth ripping open the wound now known as Crossroads Chasm, but their minds could not contain any knowledge of its form or nature. The few still living dream of it still, crying out in terror, but they cannot name it.

The land bears the scars of the atrocity that defiled it. Crossroad Chasm is what is has been named; a gaping wound where the ancient evil tore its way out from its . The Defiled Wood marks the creature’s path away from the chasm before it disappeared to gods know where. The horrid Corruption that once again has begun to emanate from the chasm—a corruption that warps all life, twisting it into a mockery of nature—reveals the lingering taint of the creature’s presence.

Or perhaps it foretells the return of horror. . .

Crossroads Epic Campaign

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