Rule changes and additions

Okay first (and most important) if something is stated in here then assume it’s unchanged. Thus for example there is nothing in here about stat creation so it’s still the same 21 point buy.

The second thing (and probably just as important) is everything in here is subject to change. I will endeavor to let everyone know as soon as I can if something changes but the truth is there’s no way to cover all possibilities.

Okay on to the actual content:

  • The following races are vetoed immediately: gnoll, bugbear, hobgoblin, goblin, orc, githyanki and koldbold.
  • If it’s not in PhB 1, 2, Forgotten Realms or the minotaur come talk to me first about it. I won’t rule out of hand but I’d like to know what people are thinking
  • Eventually I’ll need a list of items that will need to be periodically updated. If I don’t have a list then for loot I’m just going to guess as to what I think you may want and that may not work well.
  • I will be allowing the buying and selling of magical items, however there will be a bit of an in game lag (the length of which depends on rarity)
  • There will be some mechanic representing your standing with the various organizations, details will follow as I flesh things out. Right now I think it will only be for major organizations and that I’ll try and work something out to make them factions (to ‘borrow’ from most mmorpgs). There will be benefits (which will be fleshed out later). This is more then a little ad hoc but should help simulate a living world.

That’s all I have for now, if this section gets updated I’ll let you all know

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Rule changes and additions

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