Slightly Random collection of thoughts on races

Note, this is the commonly known history if you are a member of that race you may or may not end up knowing more about your race’s history. I’ll cover that on a case by case basis.

Elves- Of the remaining known history, not much is known about the elves. Eleven legend claims they were created by their patron deity and were one of the first mortal races to walk Shelthsa (the elven name for this world). Despite being fierce isolationists, the elves have always cared about the forests and the wilds.And as such they took the fallout from the Thousand Year War as a personal failure and set forth in large numbers to fix the magical fallout. Even then it was only ‘temporary’ (as the elves think of things. Occasionally the elves do venture out but mostly in on their own and only for ‘brief’ lengths of time. In fact venturing out to see the world is in many ways regarded as an important step in becoming ‘adults’

Typically the elves organize themselves only loosely, with each forest home acting on it’s own. There have been times the elves have banded together, mostly however they just want to be left alone though.

Dwarfs- While the elves remain aloof because they care more for nature then anything else, the dwarfs remain aloof in part because they care about material wealth. Almost every notable weapon is dwarven made. Notoriously neutral the dwarves don’t care what happens in ‘the world outside’ (as they term it) as they are smugly confindent in the defenses of their mountain halls.

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Slightly Random collection of thoughts on races

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